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We are in the midst of a mobile marketing phenomenon!

Look around...what is everyone doing all day and all night long? TEXTING. The mostaluable 4 inches of advertising real estate is the screen on your cell phone! If you are not advertising to iPhones and Droids you're missing instant responses.

Compare email marketing to text advertising. How many email newsletters and promotions do you actually review? Most emails are ignored. By Contrast, Text marketing is a proven marketing tool that gets your message viewed instantly.

90210 is the most recognized 5 digits on the planet and now you can have this brand recognized number connected to your name and business.

Why text Marketing and Why Now?

What do you carry around all day long? Your Smart Phone. (Cell Phone)

What's the easiest way to reach you? (Text Messaging!)

Texting is practically an addiction and we have attached a powerful marketing service to the behavior.

What does this mean to you? Whether you are a buisness owner, or enterpreneur, harness this opportunity now!

More eyeballs see your promotion. Think about it. Text messages are read instantly! Email goes to junk filters or is opened sometimes days later. Print is expensive, slow and has less than 5% conversion to sales.

Our system is permission based marketing, not spam. Businesses want customers and customers want offers. We connect them instantly.

How do I use text marketing for my business?

  1. Create a Text Club
  2. Post signs to promote the club
  3. Have customers TEXT: Your keyword TO: 90210

Text marketing Text marketing

  • Text Adevertising is booming, text ads are viewed instantly, spam compliant.
  • Out smart your competition and start attracting text sales. Are you a leader?
  • Easy to advertise, Easy to remember,  world recognized text code....  90210
  • 90210 is to texting like dot com was to the internet.
  • "Visionaries see the opportunities of tomorrow and make them happen today."
  • Increase your business and decrease your advertising expenses!
  • Real time, detailed reporting lets you track results and optimize your profits!
  • We set you up, provide training, support, signage, then you control your promotions!
  • Month to month service,  no long term contracts. Affordable pricing for any sized business.
  • Great referral program.
  • Show your customers, employees and community you are a leader and early on big trends.
  • Examples:
  • Text: Edgbuzz To: 90210 ( City of Eldorado Hills, communications alerts to citizens and city staff)
  • Text: HDsac To: 90210 ( Harley Davidson of Sacramento)
  • Text: Arnold To: 90210 ( The Governator of California)
  • Text: salley To: 90210 ( John Salley 4 time NBA Champ)
  • Text: RodneyP To: 90210 ( 16 Yrs NFL Qauterback)
  • Text: BlueRaiders To: 90210 ( Football team)
  • Text: Hooters To: 90210 ( Hooters Corp)
  • Text: SportsBar To: 90210
  • Text: Boutique To: 90210
  • Text: Meineke To: 90210
  • Text: MLS To: 90210
  • Text: Palin To: 90210 ( sarah Palin recognizes smart marketing)
  • Text: HotDeal To: 90210
  • To see my "business card details" jump from my phone to your phone, Text: SF to: 90210
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  • B) Visit www.BestWebchoice.com to enquire about a free demo.
  • Combine text advertising with a custom mobile APP. Contact us at BestWebChoice.com

Text marketing

Don't miss the biggest opportunity since the dawn of the internet!

"2012, The Year People Stopped Talking and Started Texting." USA Today

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