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We are in the midst of a mobile marketing phenomenon!

Look around...what is everyone doing all day and all night long? TEXTING and eyes fixed on their smart phones. The most valuable 5 inches of advertising real estate is the screen on your phone! If you are not advertising to iPhones and Droids you are losing business.

Compare email marketing to push notifications. How many email newsletters and promotions do you actually review? Most emails are ignored. By Contrast, pushnotifications are a proven marketing tool that gets your message viewed instantly.

If you are interested in text message marketing, we have the number 90210. This is the most recognized 5 digits on the planet and now you can send text messages with your name and 90210.

The next evolution of text marketing has just arrived and includes an entire mobile marketing platform via your personalized mobile app. Now you can send out push notifications directly to customers who eagerly want to do more business with you.

Why Mobile Marketing and Why Now?

What do you carry around all day long? Your Smart Phone.

What's the easiest way to reach you? (Text, push notes and social media from your phone)

Mobile is practically an addiction and we have attached a powerful marketing service to the behavior.

What does this mean to you? Whether you are a business owner, or entrepreneur, harness this opportunity now!

More eyeballs see your promotion. Think about it. Mobile marketing is viewed all day long and instantly! Email goes to junk filters or is opened sometimes days later. Print is expensive, slow and has less than 5% conversion to sales.

Our system is permission based marketing, not spam. Businesses want customers and customers want offers. We connect them instantly.

How do I use mobile marketing for my business?

  1. Let us Build your mobile app, promote it to get subscribers / customers who eagerly want to stay connected to you to receive offers, updates and more.

  2. Send out a few valuable, important, great offers, that are truly valuable each month and watch your business grow.

  3. If you are interested in text message marketing using 90210, we can assist with that as well. Packages start at around $99 per month. Text message marketing works extremely well for certain types of businesses. However today, you can have a mobile app that does far more for a fraction of the cost. Contact us for a FREE consultation to learn which type of marketing will create the most sales for you.
Don't miss the biggest opportunity since the dawn of the internet!

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